Completed work RC "Tetris Hаll" Kiev, st. Business, 5
Project architect: KOTSIUBA Landscape Architecture Studio

Completed works: Supply and execution of works on paving of granite slabs and paving stones, installation of side stones
Type of stone: Pokostovsky granite, labrodarite. Volume: paving 4100 m2, board 450 m 
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Completed work NDP "Sofiyivka" Uman, Cherkasy region
Project manager: Denis Verevka / Chief Executive Officer: Natalia Bud / Chief Executive Officer: Yury Tischak

Completed works: Development of a paving reconstruction project, supply of granite paving stones and curbs
Stone type: Labradorite. Volume: paving 14000 m2, board 5400 m.
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Completed work House in the Wright style Bucha city, Kiev region
Project architect: Ivan Yunakov / 33BY Architecture

Completed works: paving paths with granite, steps.
Type of stone: Pokostovsky granite. Volume 350 sq.m
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Completed work House in a pine forest Vorzel village, Kiev region
Project architect: Daria Verizhnikova

Execution of work: Supply and execution of paving works
Stone type: paving and boards - Andesite. Volume: paving 2800 m2, boards 1300 m. 
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Completed work Fairy pond smt. Kozin, Kiev region
Project architect: KamelotGroup

Execution of work: Supply of stone, construction of a pond, decoration of the coastline
Type of stone: Various landscape stone Volume: stone 102 m3
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Gardening products
Gardening products
In every corner of your home, natural stone is a beauty, a sophisticated touch worth seeing. The presence of a stone rotunda made of polished natural stone gives the garden an elegant, very stylistic look. Beautiful stone benches with patterns and backs will also complement your seating areas aesthetically and practically throughout the entire territory.

Stone fountains are not only a beautiful element of decor, but also an additional source of moisture, near which it will be pleasant to relax on a hot summer day. It can be done in a classical style or with a sculpture.
Work examples

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Stone for the manufacture of garden and park products
Фасадная подсистема МАС Фасадная подсистема МАС изготавливается из нержавеющей и оцинкованной стали. Не подвержена климатическим изменениям. Срок службы от 50 лет. 
- Отсутствие мокрых процессов дает возможность проводить мотажные работы в любое время года. Полностью болтовое соединение и возможность регулировки подсистемы в разных плоскостях позволяет добиваться идеальных стыков плит без перексов.
- Возможность крепить плиты любого формата на большом относе от стены. 
- Возможность бесшовного монтажа плит. 
- Возможность крепежа тяжелых сложных архитектурных изделий на большом выносе: 
карнизов, колонн, капителей. 
- Возможность крепления плит в горизонтальной плоскости, облицовка потолков, козырьков входных групп. Подходит для районов с повышенной сейсмической активностью (испытания 9 баллов).

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