House in the Wright style

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completed work


Romankov, Kiev region
Project Architect: Ivan Yunakov / Yunakov Home Design / Kiev
Works: Facing the facade
Materials: Facade - self-supporting masonry stone "Tuscany" / sandstone
Method: Facade - self-supporting masonry
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completed work

Facade in Mediterranean style

Kiev / Year of completion of works: 2014
Project architect: Alexey Breus / Kiev
Work performance: Laying Tuscany stone on the basement and columns / installation of cornices and frames, laying clinker bricks
Materials used: Cornices and frames - limestone, basement - sandstone
Laying method: Facade - self-supporting masonry
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Stone facades

Masonry facades

Masonry facades


Recently, the style of ancient Europe has been very popular in the area of ​​facing facades of houses and cottages, when solid houses served not only as luxury and comfort, but also as reliable protection.

We offer not expensive options for facing natural stone houses in the style of ancient Europe. Specially designed masonry of stone will make it possible to transform your house, it will look more massive and bring it closer to the style of European architecture and all this at a low cost for environmentally friendly natural material.

Benefits of masonry stone facades
- individual appearance that gives the facade a monumentality
- high strength and wear resistance, which significantly increases the life of the entire building
- resistant to external aggressive influences
- affordable price

Work examples

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Masonry stone

Stone Facade Design

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The complex of design works includes:
- Architectural design
- 3D rendering and general appearance assessment
- Creation of detailed KMD drawings
- Calculation of the bearing capacity

Production of stone facades

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The production base of KamelotGroup includes more than 6 manufacturing enterprises that produce stone products from sandstone, travertine, limestone, granite, tuff, basalt, felsite, andesite and other natural stones. We produce architectural products of any complexity.

Installation of stone facades

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20 years of experience in working with stone, gives us the right to openly declare - we are able to and carry out work on the installation of stone products on the facade of any complexity. Possessing our own installation technologies, we guarantee our customers the execution of all work on the facade cladding with natural stone - professionally and on time!