Completed work RC "Tetris Hаll" Kiev, st. Business, 5
Project architect: KOTSIUBA Landscape Architecture Studio

Completed works: Supply and execution of works on paving of granite slabs and paving stones, installation of side stones
Type of stone: Pokostovsky granite, labrodarite. Volume: paving 4100 m2, board 450 m 
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NDP "Sofiyivka" Uman, Cherkasy region
Project manager: Denis Verevka / Chief Executive Officer: Natalia Bud / Chief Executive Officer: Yury Tischak

Completed works: Development of a paving reconstruction project, supply of granite paving stones and curbs
Stone type: Labradorite. Volume: paving 14000 m2, board 5400 m.
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Completed work House in the Wright style Bucha city, Kiev region
Project architect: Ivan Yunakov / 33BY Architecture

Completed works: paving paths with granite, steps.
Type of stone: Pokostovsky granite. Volume 350 sq.m
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Completed work House in a pine forest Vorzel village, Kiev region
Project architect: Daria Verizhnikova

Execution of work: Supply and execution of paving works
Stone type: paving and boards - Andesite. Volume: paving 2800 m2, boards 1300 m. 
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Completed work Fairy pond smt. Kozin, Kiev region
Project architect: KamelotGroup

Execution of work: Supply of stone, construction of a pond, decoration of the coastline
Type of stone: Various landscape stone Volume: stone 102 m3
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Lanterns made of stone
Lanterns made of stone
Landscape lights are a small decorative feature that will serve as a useful addition to your garden, creating a warm atmosphere at night and decorating it harmoniously during the day.

Garden lamps and park lamps made by hand by master stone cutters in a classic style, Japanese lanterns made of stone are guaranteed comfort, original lighting of landscape design at night and a good accent to complement the garden during the day.

Landscape lamps made of stone, park lamps, decorative garden lamps - this is functionality, reliability, naturalness, style. This is how you can characterize these stone design elements and light sources that are indispensable in the landscape.
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Stone for making lamps from stone