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the philosophy of our company


The legendary King Arthur knight's castle - Camelot for eight centuries captivated the imagination of mankind. The stone castle was surrounded by an impregnable wall with high towers.

According to legend, it was in the castle of Camelot that King Arthur gathered the most brave knights of Europe and seated them at a round table of negotiations, stopped the internecine wars between them. Since that time, the Knights of the Round Table began to live according to the laws of peace, honor and knightly love.

The appeal of this legendary knight's castle, first of all, in that it symbolizes a special place where honor and courage rule, where people live in harmony, where the strong defends the weak!

Camelot - the embodiment of constancy and nobility among the unpredictability of the surrounding reality, the triumph of harmony over chaos, a symbol of the superiority of civilization over barbarism, a bright future and glorious past of mankind ...

Knights of Camelot

Our rewards

Laureate of the National Business Leader rating

Grand Prix "Highest standard"

Medal "For the impeccable quality of products and services"

Order "St. Dmitry Solunsky" 4 degrees

Medal "Leader of National Business"

Kamelot Group

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Kamelot Stroy - construction technology

It specializes in the design of buildings, private houses, complexes for various functional purposes, the development of urban concepts, as well as the creation of interior solutions. KAMELOT Architect is a team of more than 30 highly qualified specialists: architects, designers, engineers, designers with many years of experience in architectural design, maintenance and execution of projects of the highest complexity.
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Kamelot Factory - production of stone products

Association of manufacturers of tiles and natural stone products. Includes more than 6 manufacturing plants that produce stone products from quartzite sandstone, sandstone, limestone, granite, andesite and other natural stones. Architectural design, maintenance and execution of projects of the highest complexity.
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Kamelot Architect - architecture and design

Специализируется на проектировании зданий, частных домов, комплексов разного функционального назначения, разработке градостроительных концепций, а также создании интерьерных решений. KAMELOT Architect - это команда более чем из 30 высококвалифицированных специалистов: архитекторов, конструкторов, инженеров, дизайнеров, имеющих многолетний опыт архитектурного проектирования, сопровождения и исполнения проектов самой высокой сложности.