выполненные работы Дом в стиле Райта п. Буча, Киевская область / Год окончания работ: 2015
Архитектор проекта: Иван Юнаков / Yunakov Home Design / г. Киев
Выполнение работы: Утепление / облицовка фасада/ мощение дорожек и площадок
Используемые материалы: Цокольный блок / изделия из известняка
Метод укладки: Фасад - самонесущая кладка, мощение – на ПЦС

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Ventilated facade system MAC Seismic resistance Suitable for areas with increased
seismic activity
(according to tests - 9 points)
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Facade system MAS

Additional elements for the facade
When facing the facades of buildings with natural stone along the system of hinged ventilated facades, it is necessary to use additional elements that allow masking various joints and holes that arise during the installation process. Additional elements for illegal armed groups do not allow the insulation to get wet during the operation of the building, give a finished perfect look to the entire building.

There are many materials and natural stones for finishing facades, each of which requires the use of its own additional elements in color and configuration. But the main ones are ebb, slopes and parapets. We offer their execution precisely from stainless and galvanized steel, which increases their service life and provides additional strength to the entire RAF system. The thickness of the steel can be any and is determined by the complexity of the architectural project and the customer's requirement. To calculate the cost of manufacturing additional elements, contact us using the feedback form or call.
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Technical approvals
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Cost of system elements