выполненные работы Дом в стиле Райта п. Буча, Киевская область / Год окончания работ: 2015
Архитектор проекта: Иван Юнаков / Yunakov Home Design / г. Киев
Выполнение работы: Утепление / облицовка фасада/ мощение дорожек и площадок
Используемые материалы: Цокольный блок / изделия из известняка
Метод укладки: Фасад - самонесущая кладка, мощение – на ПЦС

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Ventilated facade system MAC Seismic resistance Suitable for areas with increased
seismic activity
(according to tests - 9 points)
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Facade system MAS

Development of structural steel drawings
The development of drawings for design and installation documentation (KMD) is one of the most important stages in the production of ventilated facades from natural stone.

KMD drawings are a detailed design of a metal subsystem that is used to fasten the cladding material of the facade. In order to make a specification of elements for the production of the MAS facade system, as well as to correctly assemble the facade metal structure on which the stone will subsequently be attached, and to install it correctly, it is necessary to work out the structure in detail, think over and evaluate each fastener assembly, calculate the loads, in detail show all anchors, offsets from walls, hole sizes, and also reflect all the features of the project. Installers without a detailed structural design will not be able to correctly assemble the entire structure. A well-developed construct, or rather, a correctly made detailing of the facade system (KMD), is a guarantee of high quality work.
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Technical approvals
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Cost of system elements