Ventilated facade system MAC Facade MAC system Best design solution 
for fixing slabs and complex architectural 
elements from natural stone

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Ventilated facade system MAC Fastening plates Possibility to fix slabs of any size 
far away from the wall, the possibility 
seamless installation of slabs
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Ventilated facade system MAC Horizontal mounting Possibility of fixing plates and products in 
horizontal plane, cladding 
ceilings, overhangs, entrance groups
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Ventilated facade system MAC Fixing products Possibility of fastening heavy, complex 
architectural products on a large offset: 
cornices, columns, capitals
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Ventilated facade system MAC Fastening frames Possibility of fixing frame of openings
from natural stone, installation of slopes.
Assembly of arched structures.
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Ventilated facade system MAC Seismic resistance Suitable for areas with increased
seismic activity
(according to tests - 9 points)
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Facade system MAS
System description
The MAC façade system is a unique and most advanced solution for a ventilated façade made of natural stone. Many years of experience in the market of stone processing and installation of facades made of natural stone helped us to develop and create a facade system that meets all requirements for the installation of a facade made of stone. Facade MAC system allows you to solve problems of any complexity. Having collected all the best design solutions, optimized and refined them, we received a reliable and easy-to-install product that has no analogues today.
Application materials
System description

A natural stone

System description

Fake diamond

System description

Concrete slabs

System description

Fiberglass cement

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Technical approvals
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Cost of system elements